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The Sane Person’s Guide to FIRE Savings

The concept of FIRE—Financial Independence, Retire Early— is pretty straightforward. If you can save up enough money when you’re young(er), you can have a ton more flexibility later in life. You might choose to quit your job and start a business, or unload your house to travel the world. If you can save, you can…Read […]

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What Does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

There’s a contingent of personal finance obsessives out there who’ve branded themselves as FI/RE, which is short for Financial Independence and Early Retirement. They’ve cut their day-to-day living expenses to the bone, while earning and investing aggressively, all with the intent of retiring well before the average…Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Basics of FIRE (Financial Independence and Early Retirement)

FIRE is having a moment, and it’s not hard to understand the appeal. Financial independence? Sounds great! Retiring Early? Sign me up! It’s a movement that’s quickly gaining momentum, too. We spoke with four FIRE enthusiasts and asked them to share what the movement is all about, and what it takes to achieve this…Read more… […]

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