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I’m Paul Goodloe, Meteorologist at The Weather Channel, and This Is How I Parent

As a veteran on-air meteorologist, Paul Goodloe has reported from the scenes of blizzards, floods, fires and hurricanes—here’s footage of him trying to stay upright while covering Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. Today, he co-hosts Weekend Recharge on The Weather Channel. Here’s how he parents.Read more… Continue Reading at

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I’m ‘Man vs. Baby’ Blogger Matt Coyne, and This Is How I Parent 

One evening, while his three-month-old son Charlie slept, Matt Coyne opened Facebook and typed a post listing his observations as a new father—how he’s basically like a Formula One pit crew when changing diapers, how buttons on baby clothing are just evil (he’d much prefer tear-away velcro “based on strippers’…Read more… Continue Reading at

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How Abortion Creates A Society Of Entitled Women And Desperate Men

Is it a coincidence that the best countries to find women in are the same ones where abortion is a crime? Think Thailand, Brazil, Costa Rica, the Philippines, Poland, and Argentina. If not outright illegal, abortions are heavily restricted there, with massive fines if not jail sentences for doctors that violate the rules. In Thailand, […]

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