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Fallout 76 Camps Get Wheelchairs, Following Player’s Request

Almost two months ago, a Fallout 76 player who uses a wheelchair made a post on the game’s unofficial subreddit asking for the mobility aids to be added to the camp customization options. The latest Fallout 76 update, released today, honors that request.Read more… Continue Reading at

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7 Video Games Where You Can Play Hide-and-Seek

Some video games are linear: You have a goal and you achieve it, ideally successfully. Others are a bit more open-ended, letting you explore gorgeous worlds and interact with fascinating people or characters. Sometimes, it’s even fun to try and hide from them. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Finding Player Homes Is One Of The Best Parts Of Fallout 76

I was out in the middle of the wasteland, low on health, guns near broken and over-encumbered by a bunch of junk and loot. I had just explored a big building and came out into a pack of radscoprions. They nearly killed me, but I barely got away. Yet more deadly things could appear at […]

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Fallout 76 Intestine Shortage Delays Big Masked-Parade Event

Fallout 76’s much anticipated Fasnacht Parade went live yesterday, but not for long. It was quickly taken offline after players discovered a bug that made it too hard to complete the event’s requirements. It’s the latest piece of Fallout 76 content to be derailed by a slew of recent technical problems.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Fallout 76 Players Donate To Wasteland Doctor Whose Real-Life Home Caught Fire

Brent “CJ Martin” Fairchild role-plays in Fallout 76 as a doctor offering aid to other players. After his real-life home caught on fire over the weekend, players have been raising money for his family to try to return the favor.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Fallout 76 Players Brace For Possible Evictions In Wastelanders Update

Fallout 76’s sweeping Wastelanders expansion arrives tomorrow, bringing a bunch of new content to a game that hasn’t seen much of that in the last six months. While most players are eagerly awaiting the update, some are sitting with their fingers crossed hoping the new changes won’t force them to relocate the…Read more… Continue Reading […]

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