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How to Get a Refund on Your iPhone X if Face ID Doesn’t Work

Face ID on the iPhone X works pretty perfectly most of the time, though it does seem to have some issues telling the difference between family members. But what if Apple’s new facial-recognition technology can’t tell the different between you and some random person, like a co-worker?Read more… Continue Reading at

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Don’t Use Face ID on the iPhone X If You’re Worried About Nosy Family Members

We all keep private information on our smartphones in the form of photos, text messages, and even access to our financial information. Apple claims that the iPhone X makes all that data even more secure thanks to Face ID, but there’s one group of people this may not apply to: your family.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Manufacturers Are Struggling to Make Apple’s Face Id Camera, Meaning Fewer Iphone Xs Will Be Available

The iPhone X is almost here, but a new report claims Apple is struggling to make enough copies. According to Bloomberg, the company may have even lowered the accuracy requirements for its new facial recognition Face ID camera to help its suppliers meet demands on time.Read more… Continue Reading at

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