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How the Experts at Legacy Effects Brought E.T. Back to Life

E.T. got a sequel, did you notice? Well, of a sorts, in the form of a lavish holiday commercial that brought Eliot back and recreated the vibe of the classic Spielberg film, complete with a puppet version of E.T. himself. Turns out, that puppet was an elaborate construction built solely for that commercial, a full… […]

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E.T. and the Real, Grown-Up Elliott Reunite…in a Commercial?

When you woke up this morning, we bet you didn’t expect to see an official E.T. sequel—but that’s kind of what’s happened, just in a slightly unconventional, very commercial way. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Scientists to observe interstellar asteroid for signs of extraterrestrial life

About three months ago, scientists observed the entry of a peculiar interstellar asteroid into our solar system. The cigar-shaped object, which has since been named ‘Oumuamua — Hawaiian for “messenger” — will be probed for signs of extraterrestrial life over the coming weeks, using the Green Bank telescope in West Virginia.The observation process will be […]

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E.T.’s Climactic Bike Ride Is Like an Arthouse Film Without John Williams’s Score

The films of Steven Spielberg feel inseparable from the music of John Williams. But for some cinephiles, Williams represents Spielberg’s most manipulative and sentimental instincts. Well, here’s your chance to see one of the most iconic moments in the two artists career without the famous score that makes the scene…Read more… Continue Reading at

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