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Will Automakers Fight In Trump’s War On California? (Maybe Not)

President Donald Trump is officially waging legal war against California over vehicle emissions, the other war (trade war) is forever, General Motors may have screwed Ford and Fiat Chrysler, and so much more going on in The Morning Shift for Thursday, September 19, 2019.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Trump’s Attempt To Rollback Full Efficiency Standards Is Blowing Up In His Face: Report

The Trump Administration’s attempts to scale back Obama-era fuel efficiency and emissions regulations isn’t going smoothly lately, with much of the auto industry rejecting the proposal, the State of California ignoring the proposal, and even the EPA is reportedly struggling to scientifically justify said proposal. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Fiat Chrysler Will Recall 862,520 Gasoline Cars For Not Meeting Emissions Standards

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that Fiat Chrysler will recall 862,520 vehicles for failing to meet U.S. emissions standards, Reuters reported early Wednesday. Surprisingly, the cars involved allegedly weren’t diesels, but actually gasoline vehicles like the Dodge Caliber and Jeep Compass.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Trump Will Start a War With California This Week Over Auto Emissions: Report

President Trump’s plan to rollback Obama-era fuel economy targets is set to be unveiled this week, and if a new report from Bloomberg is accurate, that’ll include a revocation of California’s authority to set its own auto emission standards. For automakers, it’s their worst fear come alive. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Chevrolet Dealership Reportedly Backs Out Of Event Where EPA Chief Was Set To Axe Obama Pollution Rules

A Chevrolet dealership in Chantilly, Virginia has reportedly cancelled a planned event hosting EPA Chief Scott Pruitt tomorrow in a claimed effort to avoid the Chevy brand being associated with an expected announcement about the government rolling back Obama-era emissions standards and California’s right to set its…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Scott Pruitt Took A $2500 Nap And Then Lied About It For a Year

In March of 2017, Scott Pruitt, the Lord King of the EPA, was taking a regal nap in his lobbyist owned condo (we’ll get back to that) when he was supposed to be at work. He wasn’t answering his phone and apparently slept through the frantic knocking and doorbell ringing. So his oversized security …Continue […]

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