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DA Presents: 2017’s Producers of the Year

Despite incessant predictions for the trajectory of the scene, 2017 marked a banner year for all things electronic music. As such, producers experienced more freedom to explore more new sounds with the end result not a fractious, rigid delineation between genres, but rather a continuum of experimentation that led to some of the most interesting and forward-thinking […]

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Joris Voorn captivates in 2017 year-end mix

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, as Joris Voorn has delighted listeners with his annual year-end mix.In a nearly hour long mix, Voorn delves into a spellbinding array of tantalizing tracks and galvanizing grooves. Once more, Voorn proves his skillful production prowess and separates himself from his contemporaries with the most eloquent assemblage. The producer moves with poise on the […]

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