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1000s Of Steam Games Now Let You Play With People Who Don’t Even Have Steam Accounts

An update to Steam released earlier this week has, tucked away in its changelog, a very cool piece of news: if you’re playing a game that supports Remote Play Together, you can now invite anyone to play with you, even if they don’t have a Steam account.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How to Get ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ and Other Great PlayStation Games for Free

If you’re a PlayStation gamer, set a calendar reminder for March 25 at 8 p.m. (PT) and April 19 at 8 p.m. (PT), because great free games are coming your way.March 25 marks the official kick-off of Sony’s new Play at Home 2021 program, which gives you access to free PlayStation 4 and PS VR […]

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Enter The Gungeon’s Composer Talks Rap, Video Game Music, And Bullet Hell

Enter the Gungeon demands so much of your attention. Mastering the bullet hell means enduring a cycle of dodging, rolling, shooting, and dying. Its intense gameplay is driven by the fierce beats of its soundtrack composed by Doseone, whose background as an indie rapper intersects his video game work in a way I didn’t…Read more… […]

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Enter The Gungeon’s Big New Update Completely Revitalizes The Game 

Yesterday, Enter the Gungeon finally received its long-awaited Advanced Gungeons & Draguns update, a free second major expansion that completely revitalizes the 2016 game. It feels like Dodge Rolls’ roguelike shoot’em up came out forever ago, but playing it again this week it feels completely new again.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Enter The Gungeon Is More Forgiving On The Nintendo Switch

Enter The Gungeon released on the Nintendo Switch last week, and they go great together. Despite a few bugs and some little niggling issues with the controls (which are 100% remappable) the overall experience is great. It’s also the most approachable version of the game thanks to some balancing tweaks that haven’t yet…Read more… Continue […]

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