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McLaren Finally Confirms They’re Dropping Honda For Renault In F1

For the past three years, Honda has been like the scumbag boyfriend of Formula One. Oooooooh, girllllllll. You’re still with him? He always promises to do so much, but like, never does it. I can’t believe you haven’t kicked his lazy butt to the curb yet! Good news, everyone: McLaren finally announced their split from…Read […]

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Screw It, McLaren Might Just Make Its Own Formula One Engine In 2021

McLaren’s drama with finding a quality Formula One engine partner may just be enough to convince them to make their own engine if the price is right, reports While they’re hoping to switch from their dud Honda engines to Renault units in the meantime, new F1 regulations are coming in 2021, and who…Read more… […]

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