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MEMBERS ONLY: The Nunes Memo Will Depend On Americans Being Confused By Surveillance Laws

Two major news stories dropped yesterday, so let’s cut right to the chase.  First, we learned that Donald Trump apparently demanded that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pledge his loyalty to Trump, asking Rosenstein if he’s “on my team.” The meeting occurred this past December and, …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Don’t Let Glenn Greenwald Scold You Into Believing Putin’s War Against America Isn’t Real

By now you’ve likely read New York Magazine’s profile of Glenn Greenwald, authored by Simon van Zuylen-Wood. In fact, today appears to be Greenwald Day at The Daily Banter, so be sure to read Ben Cohen’s members piece and definitely Justin Rosario’s takedown here.  My contribution isn’t …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Russia, Wikileaks and Ed Snowden Are Lying About Upcoming Catalan Independence Vote

As we piece together what Russian media did to manipulate our presidential election, utilizing social media to spread fake news and hacking state voter rolls, it is of the gravest importance that we not let them get away with this again. This past week, Russian media and Kremlin-friendly dissidents …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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The Rebirth of James Comey

Immediately following the November election, then FBI Director James Comey was on every Democrat’s hit list of people to blame for Hillary Clinton’s loss. Now, one month after President Trump fired him, Comey’s been transformed into a political victim. Over the course of two and a half hours …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Why Are We Still Using the Espionage Act?

The Trump administration has taken it’s first step in retaliating against leakers, showing that the President’s tirades on twitter are more than just rhetorical threats. Charges have been brought under the Espionage Act against a 25 year-old NSA contractor for allegedly providing a news outlet with …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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