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MEMBERS ONLY: The Delightfully Honest  Reason Why White Voters Support Trump

The Banter Long Read: It’s been over two years since Trump oozed his way down that escalator and launched his explicitly racist campaign to be a white nationalist president. Yet, the media is still reluctant to call him racist and his followers still clutch their pearls when someone points out …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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It’s Cute That Bernie Still Thinks Trump Voters Were Motivated by “Economic Anxiety”

Bernie Sanders is out campaigning for 2020 and that has a lot of his followers excited. The problem is that his 2020 campaign sounds an awful lot like his 2016 campaign which means he’s not going to be the nominee again: He advocated for the policies that are familiar to anyone who followed the …Continue […]

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Susan Sarandon is a Sentient Garbage Fire of a Human Being

Since she told Chris Hayes that Donald Trump would “bring the revolution,” Susan Sarandon has dug herself further and further into a foxhole of crazy, never once backing down from her remarks over this last year. Her unrepentant, strident attitudes would be admirable if they were directed …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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