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Apex Legends Developers Respond To Criticism Of Pandemic Work Schedule

Screenshots of a post on Glassdoor criticizing Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment appeared on Reddit yesterday. The anonymous poster described a negative work-from-home environment that severely impacted their mental and physical health.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Titanfall 2, As Told By Steam Reviews

Titanfall 2 is a masterpiece, a sublime blend of speed, fury, and mech buddy feel-good vibes. Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this, because when the stompy shooter first came out, it flew uncharacteristically under the radar for something involving giant robots. Now it’s getting a second chance on Steam.Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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From Bejeweled To Plants Vs Zombies: How PopCap Got Just About Everyone To Play Their Games

There is a very good chance you’ve played a PopCap game. More extraordinary, there’s a very good chance everyone you know, including your parents, have played a PopCap game. For about 10 years, there was one name in casual gaming, and that name was almost Sexy Action Cool.Read more… Continue Reading at

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EA’s Star Wars Squadrons Will Finally Give Us A New Star Wars Space Combat Game

Today, EA officially revealed Star Wars: Squadrons, their next big Star Wars game. It will be released for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 2 and will support crossplay. While on PC and PS4 it will also support VR. Read more… Continue Reading at

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EA Brings A Bunch More Games To Steam [UPDATE: Titanfall 2 Added]

Electronic Arts released a handful of its games on Steam today. This move, combined with last year’s release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, marks a significant return for the publisher, which left Valve’s digital games distribution platform for its own Origin launcher in 2013.Read more… Continue Reading at

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