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Drivers Continue To Be Spooked By Automatic Lane Centering: Study

Driver-assist technology like automatic emergency braking, lane centering, and adaptive cruise control are becoming more and more widespread and even sought out by buyers. But we still have very little idea how much safer they actually make the roads or even to what degree drivers use or like those features. Read more… Continue Reading at […]

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Faulty Automatic Braking Has Drivers Afraid Of Their Own Cars: Report

Advanced driver assistance systems, which include lane-keeping, adaptive cruise control and automatic braking, are designed to make cars and driving safer than ever. But sometimes, functions like automatic braking malfunction and have the opposite effect, wrecking a driver’s confidence in driving at all.Read more… Continue Reading at

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AAA Is Sick of All These Different Driver Assistance Technology Names

If you’ve perused the features of a new car lately, chances are you’ve found something you’re not totally familiar with. What the hell is this “pedestrian protection” system? Why does this car have a “lane sway warning” but not an “alertness assist”? AAA is getting just as frustrated with all of the absurdly named…Read more… […]

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