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The Internet Reacts To Hero In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Earlier this morning, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai took some time to show off the game’s latest character, the Hero from the popular Dragon Quest roleplaying series. The presentation detailed what Hero will bring to the table once he is added to the game, and so far, several top competitive …Read more… Continue […]

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Helping People In Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gives Me So Much Joy

In Dragon Quest Builders 2, you play as a little anime friend who knows how to build stuff in a world where building things is outlawed. It’s very funny. Often in the game’s opening hours, you will construct something like a simple straw mat, and people will look at you like you invented a bubble […]

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Dragon Quest XI Has Some Of The Best NPC Stories Ever

Playing a main series Dragon Quest game is a serious time investment. I’ve finished half of them, and the last three I played (V, VII, and VIII) each required almost 100 hours. But there’s something special about the games that director Yuji Horii is involved with, whether it’s the Dragon Quest games, Chrono Trigger,…Read more… […]

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Dragon Quest XI is releasing for the Switch in Japan during 2019.

Dragon Quest XI is releasing for the Switch in Japan during 2019. It’ll be called Dragon Quest XI S, and while details are thin currently, it will have a significant amount of voice acting. There’s no word yet on a release date or whether it will release outside Japan.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Dragon Quest Builders: The Kotaku Review

Here is how I play Minecraft: Step one: find a tree. Step two: build a house. Step three: walk in one direction for five minutes. Step four: get bored, turn off the game. If only there was something like Minecraft, but with tangible goals. And if only it was also… a JRPG?Read more… Continue Reading […]

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