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The new Dragon Ball Z game is a pitch-perfect recreation of a godawful kids’ cartoon

Every Friday, A.V. Club staffers kick off our weekly open thread for the discussion of gaming plans and recent gaming glories, but of course, the real action is down in the comments, where we invite you to answer our eternal question: What Are You Playing This Weekend?Read more… Continue Reading at

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is Bad, But Collecting Orbs Is Good

I wanted to love the new Dragon Ball Z Kakarot game, but I just don’t. The quests are bad, the combat isn’t fun and the whole game feels like it is barely holding together. But I’ll keep playing as long as there are some orbs to collect.Read more… Continue Reading at

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5 Hours In, Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Is Not The RPG I Was Hoping For

I’ve played Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot for five hours so far, and it appears to be part fighting game and part fetch-quest generator. Mostly it’s a rehash of the source material that almost anyone who will be interested in the game will have seen performed half a dozen different ways.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot Gets The Anime Right, Down To The Unbalanced Showdowns

In the original Dragon Ball Z anime, fights are not balanced. Goku and his pals often end up in situations where they are outmatched by a far stronger and more experienced opponent. The series has had frequent fighting game adaptations, most recently Dragon Ball FighterZ, in which all of the characters must be…Read more… Continue […]

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