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No Tomi Lahren, Democrats Are Not “Salivating Over A Stock Market Downturn”

One of the tactics the right in America has perfected is art of smearing the left as being un patriotic wusses. When liberals question issues like guns, economic inequality, and immigration control, Republicans have learned to hurl as much abuse at them as possible for hating America. Don’t like …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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During Stock Market Crash, Trump Accuses Dems Of ‘Treason’ For Not Applauding Him

Among many superlatives about Donald Trump, he might be the whiniest president in history. On Monday, Trump spent several minutes during a rally in Blue Ash, Ohio relitigating the applause breaks during his State Of The Union address — because he’s not at all childish, petty or misinformed. …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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