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Robert Reich’s Conversation With Republican Colleague Should Frighten the Goddamn Life Out of You

Yesterday, former Secretary of Labor under President Bill Clinton Robert Reich posted a truly terrifying account of a conversation he had with an old friend, an unnamed former Republican Congressman. It’s nothing short of terrifying, and further proof that the United States is facing a catastrophic …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump Has No End Game

As another grueling September comes to a close it has become clear that the Trump administration has no idea what is supposed to be doing in the White House. As the president stumbles from one gigantic disaster to the next, his administration’s sole role appears to be cleaning up his mess and …Continue reading Continue […]

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The White House is Now Walking Back Trump’s Insane North Korea Threats

Within a day of Trump threatening nuclear war against North Korea, his administration has begun walking back his claim that he would unleash “fire and fury like the world has never seen,” in order to prevent the volatile political situation escalating. Reported the Huff Post: …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Trump is Threatening Nuclear War With North Korea to Save His Dying Presidency

One of the things you learn about politics over the years is that when the going gets tough politically, leaders kick off wars to boost their poll numbers and distract the public from their domestic failures. Generally speaking, the weaker the target, the better. Margaret Thatcher reversed her …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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