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Someone’s Really Trying To Sell A Used Dodge Challenger SRT Demon For $550,000

There’s no question housing prices in California are over the top, and that must be giving car sellers ideas. Someone there has a used 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon listed online for $550,000. That’s a whole new level of Demon markups—like, the level where you fight the boss and the boss always wins the game.Read […]

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Watch The New Corvette ZR1 Dust A Dodge Demon At The Drag Strip

The 808 horsepower Dodge Challenger Demon is basically good for one thing, ripping insanely quick quarter mile times. As this drag battle with Chevy’s new Corvette ZR1 shows, sometimes there is more to victory than what is on a spec sheet.Read more… Continue Reading at

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A Demon Versus Hellcat Drag Battle Is Just As Intense As You Think It Would Be

The Dodge Challenger Hellcat lives up to its name. It’s devilishly fast, built for demolishing quarter miles but somehow allowed on streets—if their owners can stay alive. And then there’s the Demon.Read more… Continue Reading at

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