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Custom Controller Lets You Rage-Quit By Literally Pouring Salt

A very wise man who wore a hood and whose skin was practically melting off his bones once said, “Good! Use your aggressive feelings, boy. Let the hate flow through you.” Probably, he was talking to a gamer about video games. Competitive games make people mad. There’s no getting around it, so you might as […]

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How to Extend Your Wi-Fi Network With an Old Router

It’s the most irritating scenario: You set up your router in your new house or apartment, and your wifi is working flawlessly, until you find your downloads (or streaming) screech to a halt in that area that’s just outside your router’s range—like the exact spot where you watch Apple TV on the couch, or stream […]

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How to Pick the Best Light Bulb for Every Room

The lighting in a room isn’t just part of the decor; it can affect everything from your sleep schedule to your brain power. So it’s understandable that you want your home, the place you presumably spend a big chunk of your life, to be lit nicely. But there are so many different options to choose […]

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Repurpose a Generic Colonial Costume for All Your Kid’s School Projects 

When my son was in second grade, his teacher loved to assign projects where the kids had to dress up as historical characters. New to the elementary school world, I wasn’t yet up to speed on the stress that character costumes cause parents. That year, my son had to dress up as two separate famous men […]

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How to Make Restaurant-Worthy Fries

When it comes to french fries, fast food establishments do it best. It’s not that they use the freshest potatoes (they don’t), or that they have some secret seasoning (it’s salt), or even the fact that they deep fry (it’s a good tactic, but not necessary). The secret, my friends, is that they’re double cooked.Read […]

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Someone Got Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Working On A Sony Watchman

Sometimes gaming enthusiasts are so preoccupied with whether or not they can, they never stop to think if they should. How else to explain one Smash Bros. fan’s decision to create an elaborate retro electronics setup so they could play 10 rounds of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on the 1.8 inch screen of a Sony […]

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