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How the Trump Administration’s Supreme Court Filing Could Harm LGBTQ Workers

This month, the Trump Administration opposed protections for LGBTQ workers in the U.S., arguing that existing laws should not cover discrimination on the basis of gender identity and sexual orientation. Their reasoning? That an act passed in 1964 did not explicitly include either criteria and if Congress wanted to…Read more… Continue Reading at

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See How Many Times Your School District Has Been Investigated for Civil Rights Violations

If you believe your school district or college is discriminating against students on the basis of sex, race, or disability, you’re entitled to file a complaint with the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights. Sexual harassment and assault are also grounds for complaints. The office is supposed to…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Maxine Waters Shuts Down Trump Supporting Congressman Over “White Discrimination” Claim

Since the election of Donald Trump, Maxine Waters has become one of the most visible icons of the Resistance. Whether she’s “shoving” TYT correspondent Michael Tracey, appearing on t-shirts with her catchphrase “reclaiming my time,” or openly calling for impeachment following Trump’s …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Microsoft Upheld Less Than 1 Percent of Gender Discrimination Complaints by Female Employees, Court Documents Say

Over a six-year period, Microsoft upheld only one of the 118 gender discrimination complaints it received from female employees, according to court filings, Reuters reported on Tuesday. In total, the company received 238 complaints of discrimination or sexual harassment between 2010 and 2016, the court filings say. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Black Passenger Says American Airlines Forced Her to Give Up Her 1st-Class Seat but Let Her White Friend Remain

On May 2, Rane Baldwin checked into American Airlines Flight 5389, leaving Kentucky for Charlotte, N.C. Baldwin, a black woman, and her friend Janet Novack, a white woman, were traveling together, and both had first-class seats because Baldwin bought and upgraded the tickets. But unfortunately for Baldwin, she was…Read more… Continue Reading at

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