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Track and Chart Your Kid’s Tantrums to Help Change Behavior

Sleep habits. Fertility. Steps per day. Water consumption. There’s a tracker for that—all of that. So it probably shouldn’t have surprised me to read Dr. Catherine Pearlman’s advice for struggling parents, and yet it kind of blew my mind. When you’re trying to change your child’s behavior and you’re not sure if what…Read more… Continue […]

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Stop Saying “Okay?” After Every Instruction You Give a Child

Have you ever eavesdropped on other parents on the playground? Don’t they sound, rather, er, wishy-washy sometimes? “Sophie, we don’t throw sand at our friends, okay?” Or, “Declan, it’s time to go now, okay?” Or, “Madge, leave that dog poop alone, okay? Poop is yucky, okay?”Read more… Continue Reading at

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