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Amazon’s Echo Spot Is a Good-as-Hell Alarm Clock

The smartphone made the standalone alarm clock worthless. Sure you probably know some alarm clock holdouts (a parent or grandmother perhaps), but you probably just use your phone, which is already resting on the nightstand and has a decent enough alarm. The $130 Amazon Echo Spot, a new, tiny, Alexa device with a…Read more… Continue […]

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7 Handy Google Assistant Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Google Assistant is keen on taking as big a role in your life as possible, and to that end Google keeps pouring new features into the app, whether it’s on your phone, your dinky smart speaker, your Pixelbook, or your Nvidia Shield. Here are 7 capabilities that the Assistant has been given that you might […]

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Amazon Just Announced a Buttload of New Echo Gadgets [Updated]

It might not feel like it, but it’s been almost three years since the original Amazon Echo hit the scene. In the time seince, the number of Alexa-powered devices has grown from a single smart speaker into an entire family including the Dot, the Look, the Show—not to mention all the third-party devices out there. […]

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The Amazon Echo Show Is the Best Dumb Smart Machine in My Home

The first night the Amazon Echo Show was in my bedroom I had to carefully lay it face down on my nightstand. The display, which was cycling through my upcoming meetings, most recent news, and the weather, was simply too bright. It was like having a little super informative sun shining in my face. The […]

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