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Manga’s Dick Drawing Causes International Incident

In the latest Yarisugi!!! Itazura-Kun, a serialized gag manga for kids, an image of Genghis Khan is shown with a dick doodled on his forehead, along with the word “penis” in Japanese. An international incident ensued, involving protests, an angry sumo wrestler and an apology to the Mongolian Embassy.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Genital Jousting’s New Story Mode Lets You Play As A Penis With Problems

By now you may have seen Genital Jousting’s party mode, where players compete to penetrate their friends (with consent, of course). The game finally came out of early access this month, and the full release includes a story mode that works way better than it should. It’s kind of like The Stanley Parable, but with…Read […]

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