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Construction Of The World’s Biggest Radio Telescope Is Officially Underway

The construction of the Square Kilometre Array Observatory is finally scheduled to begin next month, after the project spent seven years in the design and engineering phase. When it’s completed, the SKA Observatory will be the biggest radio telescope on Earth, with a collecting area that will cover over one kilometer. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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New Fuser Update Lets Players DJ For 250+ Fans Live

The biggest update to Harmonix Music System’s music mixing game since launch, Fuser’s “Headliner Spotlight” update brings players closer to the DJ fantasy by letting them take the Diamond Stage and play live to hundreds of live spectators in real-time. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Rad Cat departs from pop-synth cheer for darker expression, ‘Diamond’ with Gloria Kim

Christian Ariza, better known under his high-spirited, electro-pop moniker, Rad Cat, has broken away from his classic sound to introduce a more harrowing, yet wildly energetic expression, “Diamond” featuring Gloria Kim. Lifting off with a brooding opening, the song plunges deep into Kim’s cutting vocals and a flurry of bass-driven synths. A pointed proclamation birthed […]

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Tacky Branding Is Not the Way Back from the Coronavirus Shutdown

Like many other branches of the entertainment industry’s consumer-facing side, comic book shops have been hit hard by the covid-19 pandemic. Millions of people are staying home, and in many cases shuttering their businesses, for fear of risking exposure to a currently incurable virus that’s killed hundreds of…Read more… Continue Reading at

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