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I’m Patrick Moberg, Creator of Dots and Two Dots, and This Is How I Work

Patrick Moberg has wasted hours of your life, or of the life of someone next to you in a waiting room. His studio Dots created the beautiful and addictive mobile game Dots (the thinking person’s Candy Crush), and its sequels Two Dots and Dots & Co, all of which are on millions of phones. We […]

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The Gorgeous Indie Game Vane Won’t Be Out For A Long While

Vane is an exploration game where you play as a young kid that sometimes transforms into a bird. The trailers released since it was revealed in 2014 have each been beautiful, moody cinematic shorts unto themselves. It was supposed to be released last year, but wasn’t. And it might not come out this year, either, […]

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Risk Of Rain 2’s Developers Discuss The Game’s Shift To 3D

Hopoo Games gave the world its first good look at their upcoming game last spring in a post over at the studio’s development blog. Surprisingly, the sequel broke with the original Risk of Rain’s 2D side-scrolling layout and the developers have explained why in a recent interview.Read more… Continue Reading at

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