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If Something Happens, There Will Probably Be A Review Bomb On Steam

Every week, there’s a new headline about jerks who inundate Steam pages with angry reviews. Sometimes, the protests aren’t even about the game at all, but rather a larger controversy involving a developer or publisher. How did this become the now normal?Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Reward For Going Flawless In Destiny 2’s Trials Is Pretty Strange

It only took a few minutes for Destiny 2 players to go flawless in the new competitive mode, Trials of the Nine, which went live this afternoon. And the reward is… well, let me put a spoiler warning here just in case you want to discover for yourself.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Destiny 2 Players Will No Longer Have To Google Where To Find Xur

Getting great loot in Destiny 2 means hunting down Xur, the mysterious squid-faced weapons merchant who probably feels strange to kiss. In Destiny, that meant searching the Tower high and low until you stumbled upon him. Thankfully, it’s much easier this time around.Read more… Continue Reading at

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