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How Street Fighter II’s Computer Opponents Cheat To Kick Your Ass

Have you ever plopped a quarter in the Street Fighter II machine at your local pizza joint and readied up with your favorite character, only to find yourself bashed and bloodied by the CPU just a few rounds later? Perhaps you said something to yourself about the computer cheating, only to get heckled by your […]

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Street Fighter Alpha Expert Destroys The Game’s Cooperative Battle Mode By Himself

Desk, one of the most creative and technically gifted combo video creators in the fighting game community, has outdone himself with his latest project. Controlling both Ryu and Ken in Street Fighter Alpha’s Dramatic Battle mode, using one hand for each character, he beats the snot out of devilish dictator M. Bison and…Read more… Continue […]

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A Clean Desk Starts With Cable Management, and Cable Management Starts With This Gear

A messy desk is not a sign of a genius—it’s a sign of a messy person—don’t get it twisted. The fact that “great” men had messy desks, e.g., Thomas Edison (racist), Steve Jobs (asshole), Donald Trump (racist asshole), etc., doesn’t permit you to live like a pig.Read more… Continue Reading at

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It Ain’t Heavy, It’s My Smartphone Dock

The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Making their way to the ring, weighing at least half a pound each: a bunch of smartphone docks.Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Mechanical Keyboard Switch Sampler Is My New Favorite Desk Toy

Lifehacker called mechanical keyboards one of the Top 10 Superior Tech Products You’ll Never Go Back From, and we agree. There are a whole lot of mechanical keyboards to choose from, and while Lifehacker put together a great guide to choosing the right one for you, there’s no substitute for actually trying the keys.Read more… […]

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