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‘Shop Contest: Death Stranding Baby, Winners!

Last week your wonderful readers took the baby from Death Stranding and took it on some grand adventures. I got a ton of entries this week and narrowing it down to 1 winner and just 10 runner-ups was a hard task. Maybe as hard as taking a baby across the country while dodging…ghosts? I think. […]

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‘Shop Contest: Death Stranding Baby

We finally have a release date for Death Stranding and it actually turns out this game is coming out and will soon be playable. WEIRD! The star of these past trailers hasn’t been Mads Mikkelsen or any other actors. Instead, the real star has been that strange baby in a bottle. Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Everything Sony Showed At E3 2018

Tonight at Sony’s PlayStation E3 press conference, they showed off a handful of games including The Last of Us Part II, some more Spider-Man, and the gorgeous-looking Ghost of Tsushima. They also announced Nioh 2. Good night for samurai games!Read more… Continue Reading at

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We’re Liveblogging Sony’s E3 Press Conference

We’re in the thick of E3 2018's press conference bonanza and it’s time to hear from Sony. Maybe we’ll finally see gameplay for Death Stranding and get a release date for Ghost of Tsushima. Chris and I will have live commentary here for you in a few moments. You can watch the press conference here […]

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A Long Look At Death Stranding, Which Is Still Weird As Hell

Tonight we got an extended look at Hideo Kojima’s next big project, Death Stranding. It appears that Norman Reedus’ character has crash landed somewhere dangerous, where invisible creatures roam the land. The whole thing gives off a horror game vibe, so maybe we don’t have to be sad about never getting that Silent…Read more… Continue […]

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Kojima Tries To Explain Naked Norman Reedus At Tribeca

The man behind Metal Gear continues to hone his persona as a really weird creative dude. At the Tribeca Film Festival’s games event, Hideo Kojima revealed why the teaser for Death Stranding opened on a naked Norman Reedus as well as some other random Kojima Facts™.Read more… Continue Reading at

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