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How to Boost Your Monday Mood with Dogs and Google

It’s Monday, and the cruel master that is Daylight Saving Time has stolen 60 of your precious minutes, meaning you’re probably not cranking out TPS reports at work as fast as usual. Since you’re already costing your employer billions of dollars, why not take a break and engage in some self-care with Google’s Pup View…Read […]

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PSA: Daylight Savings Time Starts Sunday, Remember to ‘Spring Forward’

Daylight Savings Time officially turns 100 this year. The day was enacted on March 19, 1918 by the federal government as a way to conserve coal during World War I. While the government stopped the practice later that year, local governments kept the fun going for years before it was nationally recognized again in 1966.Read […]

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NASCAR Will Be In Two Time Zones This Weekend Because Arizona Ignores Daylight Saving Time

While most of us don’t enjoy daylight saving time or the sadness that comes with it, not practicing it when everyone else does sounds just as bad. Most of Arizona doesn’t honor the changing of clocks, and that means this weekend’s NASCAR races will happen in more than one time zone—at the same race track.Read […]

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