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Flying Lotus drops new material during Warp Records’ 30th anniversary

Few current music labels have their roots as deeply ingrained in the history of their scene as Warp Records does. The artist collective, which has a penchant for highlighting visionary, yet off-kilter acts including everyone from Autechre to Boards of Canada, celebrated their 30th anniversary this past week with a takeover of NTS Radio. Feeling […]

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Flying Lotus previews first new album in five years with David Lynch-assisted ‘Fire Is Coming’

Flying Lotus has unequivocally been one of the most diverse and prolific producers of the past decade. His range has known no bounds. From the hip-hop interludes between late-night Adult Swim shows, to his collaborations with Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, Thundercat, and Thom Yorke, to heralding his own label and artistic collective, the Los Angeles-based […]

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We Have So Many Questions About What the Hell Is Happening in Twin Peaks: The Return

We’ve only seen four of the 18 hours of David Lynch and Mark Frost’s Twin Peaks: The Return, but we already have a lot of questions. A lot. Since half the fun of Twin Peaks is never fully understanding what’s going on at any given moment, we decided to round up everything that’s bedeviling us […]

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Flying Lotus has remixed the ‘Twin Peaks’ theme [Free Download]

On May 21, David Lynch and Mark Frost’s iconic Twin Peaks will return to television after more than 25 years off the air. Despite its short tenure of only two seasons, the series has retained a cult following since its 1991 cancelation. Because of the program’s enduring acclaim, facets of the show such as its theme […]

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