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8 TV Shows to Remind You of When Game of Thrones Was Good

It’s almost surreal to go back and remember when Game of Thrones was the best show on television. It was the topic of every water cooler conversation and jumpstarted a new era in fantasy television. Nowadays, its legacy is marred by how the series ended but there are plenty of TV shows to bring that […]

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I Didn’t Think The Surge Was For Me Until I Saw It In A Netflix Show

I had no intention of ever playing The Surge. It looked boring, overly familiar, and mostly desolate, like a dozen other third-person action games by studios I’d never really heard of in which some dude, always some dude, is on a mission to wreck shit up because that’s what’s supposed to make for a cool […]

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Switch Between Light and Dark Mode in macOS Mojave With This Handy App

Mac: Even though you probably shouldn’t install a public beta of an operating system on your primary device—your laptop, in this case—go ahead. Give macOS Mojave a try. There are plenty of fun features you can play with, including the operating system’s new dark mode (close to the top of my list).Read more… Continue Reading […]

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No Mana drops sinister remix of Feed Me & Kill The Noise’s ‘Crazy Maybe’

No Mana has been a bit of a revelation in 2017. The mau5trap signee has been making waves in the underground community with his unique style of music, which saw featured on the label’s We Are Friends Vol. 6 compilation back in April. Since then, the mysterious producer has gone on to release a few engaging and […]

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