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Twitch App Lets Viewers Mess With People Playing Mario, Metroid, And More

The idea underlying Twitch extension Crowd Control is not wholly new. Since the dawn of time, people have messed with each others’ games for laughs. In the beginning, there was Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown. These days, there are games like Choice Chamber, where users in Twitch chat can vote to…Read more… […]

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Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, As Told By Steam Reviews

“Wait, they only die twice?” said all the literal title interpreters in the Steam community upon seeing Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice’s name. They’ve since been shocked—shocked, I say—to find themselves dying many more times than twice.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Anthem Has Me Wondering What A ‘Release Date’ Even Is Anymore

Anthem releases today—even though plenty of folks have been playing it since last week. As games continue to evolve through patches and players pay for early access to fully priced titles, I find myself asking oddly philosophical questions: When is a video game “finished,” and when are games actually “released”?Read more… Continue Reading at

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Twitch Streamer’s Perfect Run Of All Soulsborne Games Fails When He Tries To Kill 69 Bosses

The_Happy_Hob is no ordinary Twitch streamer. In 2016, he pulled off the first no-hit run of Dark Souls, stunning even series director Hidetaka Miyazaki. Last year, he one-upped himself by completing the whole series without getting hit. Now he’s added Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne to his marathon gauntlet. But…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Brume Captures That Classic Adventure Game Feel

Like many kids, I used to explore the woods and get into all kinds of make-believe adventures. Often, that meant picking up a stick and questing for imaginary treasures. Brume is a low-fi adventure game that takes Dark Souls’ tough combat and adds a touch of whimsical exploration.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Salt And Sanctuary Is Better When You Can Put It Down

I’m flying across the country tomorrow and need help keeping calm while I travel. Luckily, the Nintendo Switch has added dozens of exploration-focused titles to distract me, including the 2D Soulslike Salt and Sanctuary. Like Hollow Knight, it’s a game that fares much better on a portable console.Read more… Continue Reading at

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