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The Big Fart Fiasco At Formula One’s Singapore Grand Prix Press Conference Keeps Getting Better

Everybody laughs at farts. If they don’t, they need to reevaluate the meaning of joy. Farts are funny, and farts are even funnier when famous athletes let them rip to liven up a generic post-race press conference in one of the most strict, fancier-than-thou racing series there is: Formula One.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Daniel Ricciardo Claims A Little Foreplay Helps An F1 Car Go A Long Way

Poor Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has had the worst luck with his car this year, but his teammate Daniel Ricciardo claims to have the answer. You’ve got to sweet-talk the car a little. Be gentle. Massage it a bit. Erm, are you sure we’re still talking about racing a car? Read more… Continue Reading […]

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