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Drug test kits are no longer considered paraphernalia in Colorado, thanks in part to DanceSafe

Lobbyists from DanceSafe, one of the most well-known hard reduction organizations stateside, have helped persuade Colorado legislators to amend current drug laws to allow for decriminalization around testing. On May 23, Colorado governor Jared Polis signed a new bill into law, Senate Bill 19-227, which removes drug test kits’ scheduling as paraphernalia. The new law […]

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Dancesafe to host #WeLoveConsent Showcase, ft Ana Sia, Digital Ethos, Huxley Anne, Space Jesus, Yheti, & Zen Selekta

In light of the recent allegations of sexual harassment against Datsik, and the ensuing discussion about sexual assault within the electronic music community, Dancesafe is partnering with React Presents to host a #WeLoveConsent event. Their goal is to host several artists who want to garner support for a new movement rooted in awareness, education, and gender equality. The most prominent name on […]

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