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Watch the trailer for ‘What We Started,’ starring Carl Cox, Tiësto, Martin Garrix and more

Recent converts to electronic music in the last few years may not realize exactly what has transpired in the last half decade or so. The short of it is essentially a massive worldwide overhaul in dance music’s popularity — one that happened seemingly overnight. Dance music completely transformed from a historically underground network to a colossal entertainment subset that’s […]

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DA Presents: 15 artists that rocked the underground in 2017

 1DA Presents: 15 artists that rocked the underground in 2017Dance music’s second wind persists at a seemingly endless rate. In fact, its current boom has resulted in a complete infusion of the genre and into the fabric of the mainstream; megastars like Calvin Harris, The Chainsmokers, and Kygo have helped shepherd in a new age […]

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What will Coachella’s EDM programming look like this year?

 1What will Coachella's EDM programming look like this year?Coachella‘s status as a music festival has grown into become larger than life since its humble, European-inspired beginnings in 1999, and their yearly lineup is both a cultural statement regarding the current state of music and a presage to future trends.The behemoth brand has always integrated electronic […]

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