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Gareth Emery’s comedy series ‘We Are CVNT5’ is finally here

If you’re looking for another reason to love Gareth Emery, the esteemed trance artist recently released his new comedy series, We Are CVNT5. All eight episodes are currently available on go90. Unfortunately, the streaming website will no longer be available as of July 30, so viewers have less than a month to binge-watch the series. […]

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CVNT5 releases trailer for ‘We Are CVNT5’ series

It’s official: the We Are CVNT5 video series has an official air date, with a new trailer previewing the series detailing what it’s like to be the most famous DJs in the world. In 2016, Gareth Emery teamed up with Ashley Wallbridge on a track “CVNT5” on Emery’s album 100 Reasons To Live that was released that […]

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