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Not Declaring Food to Customs and Border Protection Could Cost You Big Time

When you travel internationally, there’s a whole song and dance of answering questions and declaring items you have to go through before re-entering the U.S. When Customs asks you if you have any food to declare, declare every food item you have—just in case.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Your Amazon Order Might Lock You Out of Trusted Traveler Programs

You wouldn’t think online shopping could get you in trouble with customs, but if you accidentally order counterfeit merchandise on Amazon it just might. If you plan on doing a lot of traveling, you probably want to double check your orders from now on.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Let’s All Stop Saying Bless You

Here’s a cool thing. When you’re sick, or allergic, or something flies up your nose, and you spasm and expel mucus, it’s polite for anyone around you, including complete strangers, to call attention to it. In English-speaking countries they say “Bless you,” in most of Europe they say “Health.” In almost every culture, …Read more… […]

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