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Weekend Rewind: Tame Impala’s landmark ‘Currents’ turns five

It’s hard to believe that Tame Impala‘s third studio album, Currents, is already five-years-old. Although many albums enjoy an immediate listening surge followed by a steady decline in popularity, it feels as if Currents has never gone out of style. Touting tracks like its opener, “Let It Happen,” and the immediately recognizable “The Less I […]

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Tame Impala confirms new album, ‘The Slow Rush’

Tame Impala (namely Kevin Parker) has announced the group’s newest and fourth studio album, The Slow Rush, due in 2020. The LP will be Tame Impala’s first album in more than four years—superseding their critically acclaimed 2015 LP, Currents. Since then, Tame Impala’s visionary, Parker, has worked on a variety of collaborative endeavors including projects […]

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