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Warframe Fans Ask Developers To Avoid Crunch

This year, game players have learned many uncomfortable truths about video game crunch. If what happened on the Warframe subreddit in the runup to the increasingly MMO-ish co-op shooter’s latest expansion is any indication, we’re starting to see players push developers to take better care of themselves, even if that… Read more…

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Game Studio’s ‘Joke’ About 90-Hour Work Weeks Did Not Go Over Well

Crunch is one of the gaming industry’s biggest issues. Devs work countless extra hours to get games out the door, wringing themselves dry of blood, sweat, and tears for weeks or months at a time. It destroys people. Development studio Neocore was reminded of this when it announced earlier this week what it planned to…Read […]

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Why One Indie Studio Gives Every Employee The Same Salary

There’s been a lot of talk in recent weeks about fairness and transparency in the video game industry. On Kotaku Splitscreen, we speak with a studio head who takes things to the extreme, paying every employee the same exact wage.Read more… Continue Reading at

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