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Former Green Beret And Son Arrested By Feds For Allegedly Helping Carlos Ghosn Escape Japan: Report

When Nissan’s former chairman Carlos Ghosn escaped Japan in December, he had help, reportedly in the form of an ex-Green Beret, among others, in addition to an audio equipment case. Now, two of Ghosn’s accused accomplices have been arrested by American law enforcement. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Nintendo Switch Hacker Busted, Also Pleads Guilty To Child Pornography Charges

21 year-old Ryan Hernandez, aka Ryan West, plead guilty last week in a U.S. District Court in Seattle to charges related to the 2016 theft of “confidential Nintendo files related to its consoles and games”. When his home was raided by police last year, though, they also found “more than one thousand videos and images…Read […]

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Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Tifa Voice Actor Has Gotten Threats

In 2005's Kingdom Hearts II, Ayumi Ito first voiced Tifa Lockhart and since then, has continued to be the character’s Japanese voice. Naturally, she will be returning for next year’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, but sadly, she has recently received threats of violence.Read more… Continue Reading at

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How the Razzle-Dazzle Game Takes All Your Money

This game is illegal. Razzle, aka Razzle-Dazzle, is a scam posing as a carnival or street game, where you roll marbles in a box collecting points. Popping up in Havana, New York, New Orleans, and curbs and parking lots across the U.S., it’s like Three-Card Monte, but more complicated, and better disguised as a real…Read […]

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