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An Infamous Creepypasta That Explored The Dark Side Of Pokémon Fandom

By now finding a “haunted” cartridge is a scary video game story cliche, but one series in sells the tale better than the rest. Pokémon’s piracy problem, coupled with fan’s’ hunger to see a mature monster-collecting game allowed “Pokémon Black” to become one of the most famous Pokémon creepypasta to ever dwell on the…Read more… […]

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A Game About Cooking Eggs And Dealing With The Devil

Hell is a game about cooking eggs. Drop an egg into the pan and watch it sizzle before cracking another egg. But be careful: one wrong move will send you down a road full of demons, pirated DVDs, a Ruger pistol, and the devil himself. It’s bizarre, and it’s this week’s indie pick.Read more… Continue […]

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One of Ultra Sun and Moon’s Pokémon Encounters Is Some Creepypasta Shit

Guzzlord the Ultra Beast may have appeared in the original Sun and Moon, but the latest games introduce this monster in one of the creepiest scenes in modern Pokémon games. Read more… Continue Reading at

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The Zelda Ghost Story That Helped Define Creepypasta

The back page of Alex Hall’s economics textbook was filled with scribbles. Diagrams, notes, story beats, a web that formed an outline for his next update. By day, Hall was a student at St. Louis University, but after class he was writing what would become one of the most infamous internet ghost stories: Ben Drowned, […]

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