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The Most Important Announcements from Apple’s ‘Show Time’ Event

At its latest keynote today, Apple announced four new services to help it push deeper into the wide worlds of news, entertainment, and… banking? As predicted by analysts and reporters, Apple announced a paid magazine subscription platform and a Netflix-like streaming service. It also announced an Xbox Game…Read more… Continue Reading at

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Travel Rewards Are the Best Use of Your Credit Card Points 

There’s no shortage of rewards credit cards out there, and as more players enter the game, redemption opportunities are widening as well. But as Dan Frommer points out for Eater, redeeming your points for travel rewards is likely the best value. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Should You Get the Apple and Goldman Sachs Credit Card?

Apple and Goldman Sachs will launch a joint credit card this spring, the Wall Street Journal reports. The card is expected to be paired with new Apple Wallet features that will allow cardholders to “set spending goals, track their rewards and manage their balances.”Read more… Continue Reading at

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