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Don’t Bank Airline Miles and Reward Points for Too Long

If you like to travel and you’re not saving up airline miles or credit card reward points, you should. If you already are, be careful with how long you hold onto them. Saving up points for that dream vacation might sound exciting, but I know one word that will ruin all your plans: devaluation.Read more… […]

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The Regular Person’s Guide to Redeeming Chase Ultimate Rewards Points For Travel

A lot of people like to hoard their Chase Ultimate Rewards points to book first class flights or five star hotels that they’d never pay for themselves, and more power to them. But I prefer to stretch mine out to cover as much travel as possible, even if it’s not glamorous. Here are the most […]

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What Is ‘Good’ Debt?

Each Monday we’re tackling one of your pressing personal finance questions by asking a handful of money experts for their advice. If you have a general question or money concern, or just want to talk about something PeFi-related, leave it in the comments or email me at more… Continue Reading at

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