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Flite re-doses RL Grime’s ‘Core’ with drum ‘n’ bass magic

In spite of his young age, Flite has navigated the drum ‘n’ bass scene with the prowess and maturity of an experienced artist. Producing as early as 16 years old and breaking onto the scene at 19 years old in 2014 with debut single “Featherfall,” the Texas-based talent has gained rapid momentum in recent years—following […]

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RL Grime – Core (Prismodified by Prismo)

Years ago, RL Grime released hit original, “Core,” made famous for its prominent, top-heavy synths, energetic, distorted vocals, and blaring melodies. Texan producer Prismo has put his own spin on the legendary single that differs from his typical releases that feature Prismo’s own vocals accompanied by sweeping harmonies and placid interludes, such as in his renowned track, […]

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Bootleg Cuphead Port Quickly Pulled From iTunes

A game as popular as Studio MDHR’s animated run-and-gunner is bound to get its fair share of mobile rip-offs, but the bootleg version of Cuphead that showed up on the iTunes app store earlier today was something else—a very rough, semi-playable version of the full game. Read more… Continue Reading at

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Get a Workout Without Leaving Your Chair

This week’s lunch break workout is perfect for people who can’t move their legs, or who just don’t want to. That’s right, you’ll work your upper body and core without having to get out of a chair.Read more… Continue Reading at

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