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The NCAA Is Running Out Of Excuses On Brain Injuries

When it was time to change her husband Greg’s diaper, Deb Ploetz followed a routine. First, she would lead him to the bathroom of their rental house in North Little Rock, Arkansas, where they had moved to in February of 2015—in part to be closer to Deb’s family, and in part because memory care facilities […]

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What It’s Like To Navigate The NFL’s Concussion Settlement Hellscape

George Andrie has always been a devoted father to Mary Brooks and her six siblings. But with the benefit of hindsight, Brooks also sees that something was always a bit off about her dad, going back to when she was a child. The outgoing guy she always knew suddenly became less socially engaged in the […]

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The NFL’s Commitment to Medical Research Costs Less Than a Single Good Quarterback

The NFL announced this week that they will soon award $40 million to scientists for medical research on brain trauma. That’s a lot, in the sense that if I had $40 million I would change it into gold coins and try to swim in it. But is it a lot of money to the NFL?Read […]

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