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Faced With Indisputable Proof of Trump’s Guilt, the Right Abandons the Rule of Law

You. Yes, you over there with the anti-Trump t-shirt: Put down the champagne and turn off the celebration music. I know you’re excited that Donald Trump Jr. was stupid enough to save an email explicitly detailing criminal activity. I know this proves the Trump campaign did, in fact, collude with …Continue reading Continue Reading at […]

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The Trump Administration Can No Longer Plausibly Deny Collusion With Russia

Just think about these two events carefully for a moment: 1. Despite initially denying it, Donald Trump has explicitly admitted that the Russian government hacked the US election in 2016. 2. Donald Trump Jr. has admitted to meeting with a Kremlin official to get opposition intel on …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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Donald Trump is Now Blaming President Obama For Russia Hacks

Proving yet again that he is manifestly unfit to be the Commander in Chief, Donald Trump is now blaming President Obama for Russia hacking the 2016 election, and also calling it a Democratic “scam”. He tweeted out the following salvo in response to the latest revelations from the ongoing …Continue reading Continue Reading at

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