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Cops Refusing to Respect ‘Finders Keepers’ After Armored Car Spills Cash

An armored car carrying stacks on stacks fell open and made it rain on a highway in Georgia this week, causing a predictably calamitous traffic jam of people pulling over to stuff their wallets. Alas, local police are being real sticklers about returning what “belongs to the bank” or whatever.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Meet Colossus: The French Firefighting Robot That Helped Save Notre-Dame

Containing the Notre-Dame Cathedral conflagration in Paris was a heroic effort by dozens of people. While invaluable parts of the 856-year-old cathedral were destroyed yesterday, it was thankfully not a complete loss, and something of a miracle nobody died. Part of the credit goes to Colossus—an 1,100-pound…Read more… Continue Reading at

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This Cop Doesn’t Mind You Doing A Wheelie Through The City

This video of a motorcyclist riding one long-ass wheelie through St. Louis has been floating around for a day or so. Since the clip opens with the bike next to a cop car, you might think it’s about to be skull-cracking time. But surprisingly the police appear to be uncharacteristically pro-wheelie here.Read more… Continue Reading […]

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Why Airplanes Dump Red ‘Water’ On Fires

California is weathering the worst fire season many of us have seen out here and responders are still inundated with heavy work. One question I keep seeing, besides “remember Volcano?”, is “why are the firefighting planes dropping red water?” Well, there is a reason. And that’s not just water.Read more… Continue Reading at

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