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The Makers Of Dying Light Are Trying Something Very New For The Sequel: Politics

Dying Light 2 takes parkour zombie slaying to a new city, and there’s a reason for that. Where the first game, released in 2015, was about dealing with a viral outbreak in real time, the second will deal with the aftermath years later.Read more… Continue Reading at

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You Should Be Playing The Brutal City Builder Frostpunk

If you had told me months ago that a city builder about the remnants of 19th century England trying to survive the next ice age would sell hundreds of thousands of copies in its first week on Steam, I’d have guessed you were hallucinating from hypothermia. But that’s exactly what Frostpunk did, and after spending […]

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Plop Is The Most Important Element In A City-Builder

For me, the most important part of city-builders is the plop. Plop is that feeling when a prefabricated building hits the ground, and it takes a great animation design to really sell the feeling of a godlike hand descending to drop a building onto the ground. Kingdoms and Castles really sells that plop.Read more… Continue […]

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One Of Steam’s Hottest Games Is A Zombie RTS

They Are Billions pits a steampunk village against a giant zombie horde. While it might look like a reskinned Age of Empires, that surface hides a strategy game that strikes all the right balances. Every time a wave of undead obliterated my encampment, the only thing I wanted to do was restart and try again.Read […]

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