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What’s the Best Playground in Your City?

Are some playgrounds objectively the best, or is it a matter of taste? My kid is still too young to stand or walk without holding onto something, so we take her to a “tot lot”—one that’s not part of a larger playground where big kids (and for us “big” means out of diapers) tromp over […]

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Madrid’s Car Ban Flip-Flop Shows Just How Much People In Big Cities Love Banning Cars

Less than a month after announcing a moratorium on Madrid’s car ban in the city center on the justification that traffic is part of the city’s identity (yes, seriously), the city’s right-wing coalition is now poised to reverse itself and go back to the ban that has been in place since December, CityLab reports. Who…Read […]

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What’s the Coolest Neighborhood in Your City?

Maybe it’s the one with two coffeeshops on every block. Maybe it’s the one that the ugly condos are about to ruin. Maybe it’s the one with the fish market or the row of antique shops or the beachside boardwalk or the quiet residential streets. But there’s an objectively best neighborhood in your city, and […]

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What Is the Greatest Farmers’ Market Stand in Your City?

It’s prime season for farmers’ markets: local tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, corn, all the best produce in the Northern Hemisphere. But my favorite greenmarket stand is the one that sells lamb meat and wool. (It took me a little while to make the connection!) Yes, I’m in love with Catskill Merino, which sets up shop…Read more… Continue […]

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What’s the Biggest Favor Someone Can Do in Your City?

In some cities, the nicest thing you can do is shovel someone’s driveway. In some, it’s to lend them shade. In some, it’s to let them pass on the freeway, or top off their parking meter. In your city, what’s the best favor someone can do for someone else?Read more… Continue Reading at

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What’s the Best Outdoor Event in Your City?

In New York we’ve got Shakespeare in the Park, the Mermaid Parade, the weekly Smorgasburg food court, the Socrates Annual, Summer Streets, Rooftop Films, and my favorite, the annual Brooklyn Book Festival at Borough Hall. Albuquerque has a hot air balloon festival. Pittsburgh has the Three Rivers Regatta. Rochester,…Read more… Continue Reading at

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LA’s New Climate Change Plan Will Radically Overhaul the City’s Car Culture

Cars are as wrapped up in Los Angeles’ identity as tacos, the Hollywood sign, and palm trees. But the auto culture could change dramatically in the next few decades. On Monday, the city introduced its version of a Green New Deal and while it won’t quite ban cars, it will alter transit in the city. […]

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Tell Us Your Public Transit Hacks

This week on Hack Your City, we’re not taking hacks for one city—we’re taking hacks for all of them. We want your tips on taking public transit, wherever you live. For example! In New York, a free ride on the Staten Island Ferry is a well-known alternative to a trip to the Statue of Liberty. […]

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