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It Is My Belief That This Is The Fastest Car In The Universe

Look, you may have things like “science” or “math” that will tell you that Kristaps Blušs’ carbon-kevlar BMW M3 with a 9,000 RPM American V8 under the hood isn’t technically the fastest car in the visible universe, but empirical evidence (this video, my own eyes and ears) suggest otherwise.Read more… Continue Reading at

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Spot Your Favorite Parts Car In This Incredible Junkyard Drift Video

Junkyards are heaven on earth to most of us, but pro drifter Chris Forsberg took his junkyard run a step further by setting up a few choice obstacles and drifting the whole thing in his new “Proximity” video. Let’s reminisce about all the once-good beaters in the background and watch some sweet drifts!Read more… Continue […]

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