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Master Your Chores and Your Work With Time Management Apps

Working at home means you’re surrounded by all of your stuff: from that pile of dirty dishes in your sink to that pile of laundry that’s still unfolded. And maybe you have a pressing deadline along with a pressing need to sort that pile of books (you sure do have a lot of piles!). Good […]

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Use a Kanban to Delegate and Track Family Chores

When it comes to household chores, it’s nearly impossible to remember what you started, who’s supposed to be doing what, and what’s still left to do. So you end up with a half-cleared out freezer, a vacuum that coughs out dust clumps (“Wasn’t Bob supposed to empty this thing?!”), and a general feeling that everything…Read […]

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How to Get Your Roommate (or Partner) to Do More Chores

It’s just common sense that in order to keep peace in your household, chores should be split evenly between the people who live there. Whether you share chores with roommates, a partner, or both, this two prong approach will get them to do more chores without a fight.Read more… Continue Reading at

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